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The Grab Pouch

The Grab Pouch

As musicians, we keep a lot of stuff in our cases. Most of the time we simply want to play our instruments and only need to grab a few of these items, like our capo, tuner, and picks (if used). 

Have you found that you often rummage through your accessory compartment trying to find these items? Well, search no more! 

Introducing the Grab Pouch!

Use the Grab Pouch to hold your key accessories and easily grab everything you need to play, in one shot!

Prefer to keep your instrument on a stand? Simply hang the Grab Pouch on the stand for instant access to your key accessories.

The Grab Pouch is perfect for many instruments, including Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, etc.

Handmade in the USA from the same high quality fabric we use for our acclaimed Banjo Bolsters.

"These sweet bags are beautifully made and shine with an aura of high quality. Very classy!"
- Paul Roberts

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