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“The Banjo Bolster is the fastest, most efficient and user-friendly approach I've ever come across to revive and beautify the sound of banjos; to fine-tune and enhance their expressive qualities. On several banjos with which I’ve tried it, the Banjo Bolster acts as a unique kind of acoustic equalizer and compressor - balancing the entire tonal range and refining the articulation of each instrument.

I love the way I can use the Banjo Bolster to control my banjos’ natural reverb, which on some of my instruments, overwhelms the fundamental tone, making it sound muddy and out of tune. The Banjo Bolster lets me easily control the reverberations, while maintaining the instrument's rich and resonant qualities. The improvement in tone is quite dramatic!

Some of my banjos have inconsistencies in volume from string to string. I've tried all kinds of stuffing, but it didn't help. The Banjo Bolster completely balances my string-to-string volume, much like a compressor used in audio recording, allowing me to dial-in the exact sound I want.

You ought to hear how this kitten can make your banjo purr, while preserving its full volume and tonal range. For such a reasonable price, Ric and Deb Hollander’s Banjo Bolster is a no-brainer!

I love where the Banjo Bolster is taking my music. It's become easier for me to get lost in my music, inspiring my playing to take on deeper levels of tonal nuance.

Ric Hollander's claim is really quite extraordinary: "The Banjo Bolster... enhances a banjo’s tone by transparently removing undesirable overtones, while preserving the full power and frequency response of the banjo."  What has been surprisingly impressive to me is that Ric's claim is actually true; it's not an exaggeration. The Banjo Bolster is revolutionary in the ways it significantly enhances the tone of all my banjos. For sixty years I had been on what seemed like an endless search to beautify the sound of my banjos. The Banjo Bolster finally answered my search - taking me home to the sounds I had heard in my head, but could never quite pull out of my banjos.

Thanks, Ric and Deb. It's been worth the wait!

Paul Roberts  
(Paul Roberts was co-producer and sound engineer on Adam Hurt's groundbreaking solo album, Earth Tones. Paul Roberts has had a distinguished career as a pioneer music therapist and as a multi-instrumentalist performer who specializes in plucked string instruments from around the globe. Paul Roberts has worked closely with Gold Tone since 2008 as an independent retailer specializing in personalized service and custom orders.)

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