Customer Testimonial - Ellen

“As a forever student of clawhammer banjo, I'm always in search of the best tone I can get. I had the opportunity to try a Banjo Bolster in comparison to the myriad of other things I've used to stuff my openback. Rags, socks, foam, stuffed dog toys etc., all got me closer to what I was looking for, but there was always something not quite right. With the Banjo Bolster, what sounded hollow was now warmer and fuller, and what sounded muddy was distinctly clearer. The Banjo Bolster allows the notes to ring, but still gives good note separation as it reduces overtones. It's also pretty flexible in that you can change where and how you place it against the head, impacting the tone, for more or less overtone reduction.”

- Ellen Torop

Decorative Element