You're Almost Ready to Place Your Order!

You will need to take one quick measurement on your banjo which we call the "Measured Length". This will be used to calculate the size of your Banjo Bolster so that if fits your banjo perfectly!

Please measure the length of your dowel stick or coordinator rod(s), on the inside of your banjo's rim, from one end to the other, as shown below.

When measuring, please measure to the nearest 1/16".

What to measure

Taking the Measurement

This banjo has a measured length of 11 inches.

Entering Your Measured Length on the Product Page

Measured Length Entry

The image above shows the portion of the product page where you will enter your banjo's measured length. This example shows a banjo with a measured length of 11".

Measured Length Entry

Here is another example showing a banjo with a measured length of 9-5/16".

I've Measured My Banjo and I'm Ready to Place My Order!

If you have any questions about how to measure your banjo, please contact us and we will be happy to help.